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Annual Business Meeting and Luncheon 2012
Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

Date: October 13, 2012
: Macon, GA
Hosting Institution: Macon State College (now Middle Georgia State College)
SASTE President: Randy Spaid
Theme: Transforming Science Pedagogies: Cross Cultural Experiences and International Collaborative Practice

Business Meeting:
Randy Spaid called the meeting to order. He welcomed SASTE members and shared brief remarks about Macon State College and the facilities we were using. Spaid indicated that copies of the minutes from last year’s meeting were available on each table. He provided an opportunity for members to suggest corrections. Receiving none, he accepted a motion to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Courtney Howard, secretary/treasurer (College of Charleston) provided the financial report (see below) and indicated that meeting and award histories are accessible on the SASTE website (

Mike Dias, ASTE Regional Representative (Kennesaw State University). provided a regional report consisting of the following:
a) The ASTE national conference will be held in Charleston, SC in January 2013.
b) A SASTE bylaws revision committee has been formed. The Committee has suggested changes, that are available on the table. Please review and submit feedback before November/December.
c) At last year’s business meeting, SASTE approved the establishment of a permanent webpage for SASTE. Randy Spaid has agreed to maintain the site.
d) ASTE’s updated webpage is coming soon.
e) Please review ASTE’s draft position paper on the teaching of evolution. It is available on the ASTE website.
f) The Journal of Elementary Science Education (JESE) has merged with the Journal of Science Teacher Education (JSTE). JSTE is working to be included in JSTOR’s online database of academic journals.
g) Be sure to visit the ASTE website for information about upcoming elections.
h) Please send your contributions to the Fall 2012 ASTE newsletter soon. See the website for more information.

Spaid indicated that the agenda item "approval of revised bylaws" would be deleted. It was determined that only the SASTE Executive Committee, not the entire SASTE membership, will vote on the revisions. The vote will take place before the end of 2012 to allow members time to review the suggested changes and provide feedback.

Spaid opened the floor for nominations for SASTE President-elect who will serve as president of the organization in 2014 and host the 2014 conference. A nomination for Katie Brkich (Georgia Southern University) was properly moved and seconded. No additional nominations were received and the nomination was unanimously approved by the members.
The business meeting was adjourned by Spaid.

Luncheon: Randy Spaid acknowledged the work of his four undergraduate students who have assisted with conference details. He also thanked Sumitra Himangshu, his Macon State College colleague and Chair of the 2012 SASTE conference.

Spaid presented the Eddie Griffin Memorial Award for Outstanding Position Paper (graduate student) to Monica Mobley of the University of Tennessee. In her absence, Mehmet Aydeniz (University of Tennessee), accepted Mobley’s award and shared a few comments about her paper. *No papers were submitted for the Outstanding Position Paper Award (faculty).

Spaid recognized Mike Mueller (now at the University of Alaska Anchorage) as past- president of SASTE and presented a plaque and gift to Mike Dias (Kennesaw State University) who accepted on Mueller’s behalf and gave an update on Mueller.

Charles Eick (Auburn University) presented the John Shrum Award for Excellence in the Education of Science Teachers to Meta Van Sickle of the College of Charleston. Upon accepting her award, Van Sickle made brief remarks.

Spaid presented the Deborah Tippins Mentor Award to Tom Koballa (Georgia Southern University). In his absence, Marion Reeves (George State University) accepted Koballa’s award. As a mentee and former graduate student of Koballa, Reeves shared heartfelt words about Koballa. Katie Brkich (Georgia Southern University) read brief remarks that had been prepared by Koballa.

Spaid and Stuart Fleischer (American International School in Israel) presented the Rod Nave Award for Outstanding Friend to Science Teacher Education to George Dawson (Professor Emeritus at Florida State University). As former students of the awardee, both presenters shared some of their experiences with and accomplishments of Dawson. Upon accepting his award to a standing ovation, Dawson made some remarks.

A Macon State College student introduced the keynote speaker, Stuart Fleischer (American International School in Israel). His presentation was titled Cross-Cultural Initiatives and Collaborative Practices: Transforming Pedagogies and Student Achievement. Fleischer shared interesting anecdotes and highlights from three cross- cultural initiatives he has developed—Near East South Asia (NESA) Virtual Science Fair to engage pre-service teachers as e-mentors to K-12 virtual science fair participants; Global Awareness, Investigation, and Action (GAIA) project to assist low-resourced schools to conduct local research on pertinent issues; and i-Olympiad, an international school hybrid sport training and competition project. Fleischer ended his presentation with a final comment, “It is all about passion.”

Katie Brkich (Georgia Southern University) spoke on behalf of Alejandro Gallard (2013 SASTE president, Georgia Southern University) to invite SASTE members to attend next year’s conference on October 11-12, 2013 at Georgia Southern University. Brkich explained that Gallard was at Florida State University when he was elected president, but has since moved to Georgia Southern. Brkich requested that SASTE members send theme ideas to her and she challenged everyone to bring one colleague with them next year.



Annual Conference Comparative Data



2006 (Mercer)

2007 (Valdosta)

2008 (Univ of


2009 (Kennesaw)

2010 (Georgia



2011 (University

of Georgia)


2012 (Macon


State College)













Funds Collected

$ 3774.00


$ 2065.00







Funds Spent

(including awards)

$ 2984.80


$ 2337.65









$  789.20

$ -845.91

$ - 272.65

$     11.54

$ - 208.18






Financial Information (as of October 9, 2012) WILL BE UPDATED IN OCTOBER 2013


Account information

Funds are deposited into three accounts at the Akron Firefighters Credit Union

Savings account:

$       5.06

Checking account:

$ 2,867.54

Money Market:

$ 4,944.17


$ 7,816.77


Dividends Earnings Comparative Data











$      0.03

$     0.42

$    2.20

$    2.29

$  0.00

$  0.00

Money Market

$ 305.47

(2.89-3.5% APY)

$ 437.53

(3.21-5.06% APY)


(2.26-2.76% APY)

$ 46.61

(1.5- 2.0% APY)

$ 42.98

(0.17-0.75% APY)

$  5.46

(0.15% APY)


$ 305.50

$ 375.07


$ 48.90

$ 42.98



Submitted by Courtney A. Howard, secretary/treasurer howardca[email protected]

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